febbraio 25, 2019

About us



B4ENG is a company that operates in the field
of Metal working with applications in Aircraft Industry,a86a59ddbf9c49fa844ef09dee6c5032
Automotive, intended as a Quality Process
until the final product. B4Eng is an engineering
company that works with an important attention 
towards the quality and management of the relationship
with the customer. The company pays great attention to the 
successful management of the program and is successful 
in ensuring timeliness and shared budget with customers. 
The considerable experience of national and
international programs has made it possible to do 
business and better manage their resources and 
external suppliers. Each activity in the form of a 
workpackage includes a project manager who is essential 
to ensure the delivery time for the duration of the program 
and the expected technical results. Individual project managers 
are coordinated by a program manager who ensures 
the quality of deliveries, cooperation, trust and flexibility 
to clients, which are essential to the success of programs. 
B4Eng is able to support customers,
even in the definition and development of innovative
programs to support customers in a phase 
of expansion of engineering skills.